Working in and around Pens, Yards and Buildings

Sheepdog Training Videos By Topic

Carew excels at working in yards and buildings


Working in and around sheep and cattle yards, sorting pens and farm buildings, can be stressful for a trainee sheepdog. The videos listed here will help you introduce your dog to working in pens, yards and buildings.

Title numbers indicate the video’s place in our recommended order of watching. To understand farm dog training better, watch the early videos in the library.

Working in pens yards and buildings

In the Close Work tutorials you won’t actually see dogs working indoors. These videos show the groundwork for preparing your dog for working in confined spaces. Even taking sheep through a gateway can be surprisingly difficult at first, but it’s excellent practice for working in tight places.

Photo of Andy against a background of a sheepdog at work

33. CLOSE WORK (1 of 2) – A dog bringing sheep to you in the open field is great, but your farm or ranch dog’s capable of doing much more to help you. Efficiently moving sheep around at close quarters as well as taking them to fresh pasture, putting them in and out of yards, pens buildings and races, are all essential tasks for the farm dog. In part one we teach Carew and Tess to take the sheep through a gateway into a field – and back again! (Part 2).

Photo of sheepdog Mel taking some sheep through obstacles in a field

33a. CLOSE WORK (2 of 2) – The second of our videos about preparing your dog for working in pens yards and buildings. We’ll see trainee sheepdogs Carew and Tess learning to bring sheep into our yard. The sheep are reluctant to go in the yard because it’s where the dogs live. It proves more difficult than you’d think to get them in, but just as hard to get them out CLEANLY! Finally though, our highly trained dog Kay, demonstrates how it should be done!

Confidence is critical

Working in tightly confined spaces is very frightening for a trainee dog. The tutorial ‘Sometimes nice is not enough‘ will show you ways to improve the dog’s confidence while it’s working.

Photo of a sheep chasing a dog away

37. SOMETIMES NICE IS NOT ENOUGH – Does your dog need more “GRRRRR”? It’s fine training your sheepdog or cattle dog to keep well back from the stock, so as to not upset them. What can you do if the sheep refuse to go where the dog’s trying to put them though? For their own welfare, sheep, cattle or other farm stock must be handled, treated for any ailments and managed. So that means we need to teach the dog to get tough sometimes. Give your dog a boost!

Eve at the pen is a whole lot of pen work!

This is a complete training session, packed with examples of how you can introduce your dog to working in pens and other confined spaces.

Photo of a trainee dog sheep in pens and yards

47. EVE AT THE PEN – A complete training session. This is another important tutorial in our sheepdog training video library. Watch Eve learning good pen manners, getting sheep into a tight spot and back out again, and boosting her confidence and control. Eve’s basic training is in place, but she still shows some typical weaknesses for a sheepdog or ranch dog learning to herd sheep. Her stop’s not 100% reliable (yet) and her flanks are one-sided.

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