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We invite our members to ask questions or leave comments on the videos they watch. Here are some extracts.

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Dave on "Training Max - the gripper"
4th August 2016
I took your excellent advice and built a circular pen and I am using six of the hoggets,it was a bit chaotic at first but they settled down surprisingly quick...
...thanks again for your advice and I love the tutorials.
Saskia on "Bronwen & Scylla - part 6"
20th July 2016
Is there going to be a Bronwen and Scylla 7,8,9 ? I have a 3 month old and really enjoying these videos.
Caroline on "Training Max - the gripper"
10th July 2016
Fabulous – wonderful to see that last clip of him working beautifully. Makes all that hard work worthwhile!
Brianna on "Give the sheep space"
4th July 2016
Hi, thanks for the great video. My dog is very keen and likes to work quickly. He’s doing very well, but still pushes the sheep too hard and doesn’t seem to understand that I want a steady pace.
Nick on "Training Max - the gripper"
4th April 2016
Really useful session. Thanks for showing it ‘warts n all’.
Jan on "Tess in the open field"
4th April 2016
Wonderfull experience. I’ve Kelpie of 9 years that may never learn that much from me, but the way the handler is going from one try to the next is really inspiring.
Guillaume on "Sending the dog the wrong way"
22nd March 2016
hello! thanks for your great videos! i’m a french goat cheese producer and it help me a lot, and the young girl who work for me too because she has a strong dog and your method works very well!
Judith on "Bronwen & Scylla - part 5"
14th February 2016
Thank you for this new tutorial. I’m always enjoying and learning from them.
Hiroyuki on "Bronwen & Scylla - part 5"
1st February 2016
Hello, I really enjoy to watch your Tutorials video. Subtitles are helped my English too.
Britta on "Tess in the open field"
2nd January 2016
thank you so much for this video. My dog works exactly like Tess and it helps me to get her under better control. I live in NZ and the trainers here have told me that my dog is useless and should get another one, but I love her and still believe that she is a good dog.

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorials, I have a two year old bitch out of my trialling bitch who is one in a million. She had all the natural bits and almost trained herself. Her two year of daughter was a Max the gripper. With patience and time watching the Max tutorial she is a fluent working dog I will confidently run her at this winter’s trials.

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