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  1. Melissa on "Starting a Non-Starter" - 25th December 2020
    After finding your videos, I feel like I understand how to train a herding dog and I am thinking of getting a few sheep or goats to start her on then work her up to cows.
  2. Andrew on email - 23rd November 2020
    I have been working through many of your wonderful videos in the Where To Start section, to help me train my border collie, Scamp.
  3. Calypso on "Give the Sheep Some Space!" - 7th November 2020
    I’m very much enjoying your videos, they are helping me out a great deal!
  4. Heather on "Sheepdog Selection and Preparation" - 7th November 2020
    Thank you for the great videos. We’ve just brought our 8 week ISDS registered puppy home. She is our first sheep dog and is wanting to chase the chickens from the garden.
  5. Saira on "Top tips for easier training" - 27th October 2020
    Thank you Gill for your advice , im really enjoying your tutorials , and have found them very helpful
  6. Robann Mateja on "Training Max - the Gripper" - 18th October 2020
    This is a very interesting video series because it is something you almost never see in other on line training venues; that is, training a strong, difficult, and grippy dog. Not many trainers illustrate that type of situation, so I greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  7. Louise on email 10th October 2020
    Although I have just cancelled my membership (had it for a month) I just wanted to thank you for making these tutorials available. I have a 10 month old pup that has been a challenge and more than a handful to start. Over the top keen, excitable and a nasty hard gripper. I was beginning to wonder if he was a hopeless case on sheep and might be better suited for cattle. After watching your tutorials (esp. on difficult dogs) I realized I had just been lucky with the training on my 4 other dogs . I never had to worry about diving in and gripping. We are now making progress each session and the gripping seems to be a thing of the past.
    I must say I appreciated your unedited portions in the tutorials where things didn’t go as planned and how you carried on. That gave me the incentive to continue with him.
  8. Saira on "What shall I do next" - 8th October 2020
    Ive just joined membership, and the tutorials have been such a fantastic help. 3 weeks ago i bought a 5 year old untrained bitch. I have been watching your tutorials every day and teaching cuilean she is very keen ,now competent on her sides , and stops well. I ve been practising walking backwards with her bringing the sheep to me, which she is also mastered, and walks very well on the lead.
  9. Rosemary on "The Outrun 3" - 9th September 2020
    Hi I am finding your tutorials really helpful.
  10. Cees on "Backwards is the way forward" - 30th August 2020
    Much appreciate your video’s and lessons.
  11. Stephanie on "Inside Flanks (Circle on Command)" - 15th August 2020
    Great information on teaching the dog to circle left and right. great tips thank you.
  12. Anne on "Account update page" - 5th July 2020
    Thanks for producing these excellent tutorials, they have been a great help in training my new dog, (a decade since I trained the last one, they are all different, and it was fun and instructive to see how you dealt with the various issues that crop up. I’ve really enjoyed them and the dog is doing ver well!
  13. Lotte on "Top tips for easier training" - 29th June
    Firstly I love the tutorials. I will be getting my border collie in about a week time and I’m getting as much prep in as possible. Super informative and entertaining
  14. Jeanette on "Top tips for easier training" - 31st May 2020
    I‘m very happy that I discovered your tutorials.
  15. Per on "The outrun 3" - 18th May 2020
    I find the tutorials outrun 1,2,3 excellent. I think its very smart with the subtitles. They give you a chans to think and remember and compere with your own training, it´s very clever done. Thank you for these smart tutorials.
  16. Charissa on "Puppy training essentials" - 17th April 2020
    Thank you so much for these videos, we’ve been learning so much from them.
  17. Virginia on "Sticky Dogs! (Eye)" - 17th March 2020
    Great to watch.
  18. Jane on "Sheepdog Trials 1" - 5th March 2020
    Thanks for the videos on trials. They are really helpful.
  19. Breno on "Bronwen and Scylla 5" - 2nd March 2020
    Great tutorials.
  20. Diane on "Driving" - 18th February 2020
    Your tutorials are excellent!! The animations are very helpful.
  21. Jim and Sandy on "Stopping the dog" - 13th February 2020
    We are really enjoying your videos.
  22. Valerie on "Moving out (into the open field)" - 29th October 2019
    Thank you for all the tutorials which are really very helpful.
  23. Catherine on "Driving" - 25th September 2019
    Thank you for clearly explaining how to help the dog by using your position. I’m one of those learners who needs a clear diagrammatic explanation before I can apply it in practice, and that is what you’ve given.
  24. Alex on "Sheepdog Selection and Preparation" - 9th August 2019
    I have watched it and many other of your videos. Thank you so much for putting them together because up till now I really had no idea what direction to go. I’ve already decided from your teaching about leash training that Panda and I need to spend more time there.
  25. Malene on The Outrun" - 16th July 2019
    Thanks for your tutorials, that I find useful.
  26. Stefanie on "The outrun 1" - 29th May 2019
    Thank you so much for your Tutorials, I took a lot from them for my training.
  27. Sarah on "Sheep" - 24th May 2019
    I have been watching your videos for almost a month and have found them invaluable.
  28. Linda on "Sheepdogs time out" - 16th May 2019
    I watch your videos because I LOVE them, and as a pet dog trainer I am interested in all aspects of training.
  29. Richard on "Backwards is the way forward" - 4th April 2019
    Thanks for the brilliant tutorials, I’d be lost without them.
  30. Jane on "What shall I do next" - 7th March 2019
    This is the tutorial I should have watched first. I was looking for a good overview of the stages of training a dog and didn’t find this one. All your tutorials are useful though, especially “backwards is the way forwards”.
  31. Paula on "Sheepdog training tutorials preview" - 1st March 2019
    I have been using your training methods quite successfully, considering I was a total novice, to train my border collie. Thank you for such valuable help and advice, it’s a wonderful hobby
  32. Regine on "Moving out (into the open field)" - 13th February 2019
    Just to let you know that by following your advice and by watching your tutorials, for example dogged animals in our case goats and being able to call the dog away makes life so much easier,!!!!!!
  33. Brooke on "Back to forwards" - 9th February 2019
    This is so exciting. I can’t wait for my dog to be the beautiful herder I know she can be, as beautiful as your videos.
  34. Jonathan on "Starting a strong dog" - 30th January 2019
    Andy, thank you again for making these wonderful videos. (And thank you to Gill also!)
  35. Matt on "The training ring" - 29th January 2019
    I just signed up yesterday and am finding these videos very helpful and inspiring. I cannot wait to get Jack out and in a ring with a few sheep.
  36. Regine on "How can I slow the dog down" - 21st January 2019
    I must congratulate you both on the hard work that you borth have put into these excellent videos! !!!! The honesty and commen sense that you apply will be an enormous help to us!!!
  37. Kim on "Educating Gloria" - 19th January 2019
    Thank you for this video. It is good to see and have you explain what is going well and what you’d like to see change or done a bit better.
  38. Joash on "Sheepdogs time out" - 15th November 2018
    I want to say thanks for all those amazing tutorials. the level of expertise is very high from all aspects. I enjoy watching them and trying your methods in the field.
  39. Guy on "Get off the fence" - 10th November 2018
    Watching the video helped put the pieces together.
  40. Teresa on "The training area" - 2nd September 2018
  41. Melinda on "Backwards is the way forward" - 25th August 2018
    I think these tutorials are priceless!!
  42. Rachelle on "Close work" - 9th July 2018
    Love all your tutorials I have watched so far.
  43. Tóki on "The sheepdog handler" - 26th April 2018
    Thank you for all your great tutorials.
  44. Mindy on "Top tips for easier training" - 29th March 2018
    Stuart, Lexie and I are all benefitting from your excellently produced videos! Thank you!!
  45. Jonathan on "The training area" - 8th March 2018
    Very helpful as we are setting up our training area now.
  46. Judith on "The dog's confidence" - 8th March 2018
    Thanks you for your video’s, the really help me.
  47. Rosemary on "Sheepdog training tutorials preview" - 4th March 2018
    Thank you for this advice. He is now a totally different dog and is much more responsive
  48. Isobelle on "How often and for how long" - 17th February 2018
    Hi! I think the tutorials are brilliant and I am really happy I found your website.
  49. Janine on "An insight into pack behaviour" - 17th February 2018
    Hi and thank you for these wonderful resource videos!
  50. Anna on "An insight into pack behaviour" - 27th January 2018
    BTW this video was most entertaining and interesting to watch, I admire the effort you put in to creating all of the tutorials – they’re excellent!
  51. Jen on "Sometimes nice is not enough" - 24th January 2018
    Thanks for the excellent video... I am enjoying all your videos during the cold, winter months.
  52. Jonathan on "An insight into pack behaviour" - 23rd January 2018
    Wonderful film Andy! I learned so much from watching it about dogs and I think perhaps people as well. ;-)
  53. Gerry on "Top tips for easier training" - 16th December 2017
    Just to say I’m thoroughly enjoying your videos and learning a great deal from them.
  54. Ken on "Educating Gloria" - 18th November 2017
    I am a retired sheep station manager, sheepdog trainer and sheepdog trialer in Australia. I have a considerable library of dog training books and DVDs. I find your method really fits well with mine and has helped me to refine my technique. I appreciate how you are prepared to show how things can go wrong and then how you work to correct them. I strongly recommend your website in my dog training book and also when giving working dog demonstrations.
  55. Kirsten on "Top tips for easier training" - 12th November 2017
    Thanks so much for your great videos. We have learned so much so far.
  56. Kate on "Sheepdog training tutorials preview" - 1st November 2017
    Your DVDs are really helping me with training my first sheep dog.
  57. Jennifer on "The golden rule of sheepdog training" - 22nd October 2017
    I wanted to share with you how much I have enjoyed your tutorials. Your calm manner and sense of humor have helped me laugh at myself when things have gone horribly chaotic!!!. Just have truly enjoyed your videos. Thank you!
  58. Ron on "Starting a reluctant dog" - 7th October 2017
    Good video answer my question. I have a pup that is like the video pup. Really good
  59. Louise on "Back to forwards" - 6th October 2017
    Thank you – very helpful tutorial.
  60. Oile on "Puppy training essentials" - 9th July 2017
    I really appreciate your videos and find them both inspiring and helpful in our trying and daily life with the old dogs.
  61. Charlie on "Starting a strong dog" - 1st June 2017
    This tutorial is immensly helpful along with Max the Gripper.
  62. Natalie on "Backwards is the way forward" - 15th May 2017
    I wanted to commend you on the quality of your videos. I usually can’t get through 2 minutes of online tutorials of any kind because they are poorly communicated and poorly filmed. You’ve done a superb job of giving concise instructions, fantastic camera work triangulated with honesty in filming (i.e. you’ll leave your own training mistakes in). I appreciate the work you and your partner do and it’s helped me tremendously with shepherding my own flock and helped me understand my working dogs minds and motivation.
  63. Britta on "Backwards is the way forward" - 28th April 2017
    Thank you so much, now I understand why I have to do this exercise!!! So far, everybody told me that I have to do it, but nobody has bothered to tell why I am doing it. So I never really bothered. Plus I could never do it, simply because my dog rushes the sheep too much and they run away; even more reason to do it, I now understand. Andy, you are a star :-)
  64. Anna on "Sometimes nice is not enough" - 20th April 2017
    Awesome tutorial! It’s interesting seeing the comparison between the two dogs.
  65. Michaela on "Top tips for easier training" - 24th March 2017
    Thank you Andy for your good advice and I have waited to reply to be sure it works.
  66. Nicole on "Bronwen and Scylla 7" - 20th March 2017
    Thank you Andy for your good advice and I have waited to reply to be sure it works.
  67. Britta on "My dog's no good" - 6th March 2017
    Thanks, another excellent tutorial, short, but good.
  68. Tóki on the Tutorials library page" - 23rd February 2017
    Thank you. Very helpful advice.
  69. Kathy on "How often and how long" - 31st January 2017
    Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials – they are such a great help!!
  70. Melinda on "The Golden Rule of Sheepdog Training" - 13th January 2017
    Love all your videos, I have been a member for quite some time and plan on continuing learning from you and your videos! Thank you for so much your time and education!
  71. Helen on "Get of the fence" - 1st November 2016
    Thank you for this! It is just what I needed. Day 4 of training properly on sheep, I was a bit lost about what to do about this problem, and rather out of breath!!!
  72. Heather on "Give the sheep some space" - 14th October 2016
    Great videos! Learning a lot!
  73. Trina on "Tess in the open field" - 8th September 2016
    Hi Andy I like the way you show patience and just keep on asking for what you want. Perseverance seems to get there.
  74. Dave on "Training Max - the gripper" - 4th August 2016
    I took your excellent advice and built a circular pen and I am using six of the hoggets,it was a bit chaotic at first but they settled down surprisingly quick...
    ...thanks again for your advice and I love the tutorials.
  75. Saskia on "Bronwen & Scylla - part 6" - 20th July 2016
    Is there going to be a Bronwen and Scylla 7,8,9 ? I have a 3 month old and really enjoying these videos.
  76. Caroline on "Training Max - the gripper" - 10th July 2016
    Fabulous – wonderful to see that last clip of him working beautifully. Makes all that hard work worthwhile!
  77. Brianna on "Give the sheep space" - 4th July 2016
    Hi, thanks for the great video. My dog is very keen and likes to work quickly. He’s doing very well, but still pushes the sheep too hard and doesn’t seem to understand that I want a steady pace.
  78. Nick on "Training Max - the gripper" - 4th April 2016
    Really useful session. Thanks for showing it ‘warts n all’.
  79. Jan on "Tess in the open field" - 4th April 2016
    Wonderfull experience. I’ve Kelpie of 9 years that may never learn that much from me, but the way the handler is going from one try to the next is really inspiring.
  80. Guillaume on "Sending the dog the wrong way" - 22nd March 2016
    Hello! thanks for your great videos! i’m a french goat cheese producer and it help me a lot, and the young girl who work for me too because she has a strong dog and your method works very well!
  81. Judith on "Bronwen & Scylla - part 5" - 14th February 2016
    Thank you for this new tutorial. I’m always enjoying and learning from them.
  82. Hiroyuki on "Bronwen & Scylla - part 5" - 1st February 2016
    Hello, I really enjoy to watch your Tutorials video. Subtitles are helped my English too.
  83. Britta on "Tess in the open field" - 2nd January 2016
    Thank you so much for this video. My dog works exactly like Tess and it helps me to get her under better control. I live in NZ and the trainers here have told me that my dog is useless and should get another one, but I love her and still believe that she is a good dog.

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorials, I have a two year old bitch out of my trialling bitch who is one in a million. She had all the natural bits and almost trained herself. Her two year of daughter was a Max the gripper. With patience and time watching the Max tutorial she is a fluent working dog I will confidently run her at this winter’s trials.

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