Bronwen and Scylla (Part 1)

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Comparing the training of very different sisters

We're going to follow the progress of two litter sisters - Bronwen and Scylla - as they learn to become sheepdogs.

They might have the same parents, but their temperaments are very different and the same goes for their attitude to working sheep.

In this first part we learn about the two young dogs. We see one of them working nicely in the field, while the other's approach seems to be "the best form of defence is attack"!

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5 Replies to “Bronwen and Scylla (Part 1)”

  1. My dog was to over flank, both sides?? Is just having patience and hitting the ground on both sides and then when she is not flanking so hard I say there….only lasts a second then she is off again. Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. Great seeing how two dogs from the same litter can differ so much. It is also encouraging to see you persevering with a young dog who is not easy to train. My husband has one of those.

    Wondered if you could do a training video on how to encourage a dog to walk up on to the sheep in a straight line. It is a real battle for my husband to get his dog to stop sweeping from side to side like windscreen wipers on a car. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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